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Farm Workers

We have expertise in attracting skilled farm workers from all over the world and provide you with the best service possible according to your business needs.

Greenhouse Workers

Are you looking for someone to grow and maintain plants within a plant nursery or greenhouse? Well! GKS Employment will provide you with experienced greenhouse workers.

Harvesting workers

We have expertise in attracting skilled farm workers from all over the world and provide you with the best service possible according to your business needs.

Car washer

We provide a wide range of car washing services to keep your vehicles clean and shiny. Our skilled professionals use high-end equipment and the latest techniques to clean cars safely.

Car detailers

Our Professional car detailers have the art and the craft of cleaning and restoring a vehicle to like-new condition.

Carlot attendant

At GKS Employment, a car lot attendant is responsible for receiving new shipments, moving and arranging vehicles, and ensuring the inclusion of all car accessories. You can hire them according to your preferences and requirements.

Warehouse associates

We understand the importance of having the right product, at the right place, at the right time. We give clients customized warehouse services to meet their unique requirements.

Forklift operators

Having trained, qualified forklift operators is essential for warehouses, loading docks, storage gardens, construction sites, and various high production environments, which is why we are here to provide the talent you need.

Constructions Labours

We believe in providing one-stop source solutions for Constructions Labours as required by our clients.

Mechanic helpers

GKS skilled mechanic helpers help the mechanic perform maintenance and repairs like tune-ups and oil changes, check tires and brakes, replace spark plugs, and engage in other related tasks.
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Factory helpers

As a business owner, you need factory helpers because factory helpers help with the production of goods. Our skilled factory helpers assist in moving raw materials within a factory.

Areas We Deal In



We provide a single platform through which you can find and hire top talent. Our pool of candidates is updated and expanded regularly. We ensure that we only present the most qualified Warehouse workers who match your requirements perfectly.

Green House

We deal in the greenhouse workers recruitment field. Our greenhouse workers help plants grow within commercial, industrial, and retail greenhouses by actively watering, cutting, and planting flowers, vegetable crops, and trees.


Our Farm Services offers a wide array of agricultural services and supports research on growing grasses and plant varieties to produce excellent forage for livestock.

Auto Detailing

We offer fast car cleaning and detailing services to renovate the look of your vehicle. We care for the atmosphere and use eco-friendly methods like waterless car wash and environmentally friendly products.


Our construction services involve all costs to operate, supervise, and manage physical construction work.


GKS Employment Services provides the most ‍‍‍comprehensive and cost-effective trades workforce solutions for all your professional department staffing requirements.

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